here you can buy a single loaf off the menu or sign up for a subscription of bread

all breads are made with locally sourced organic stone ground flour and a wild culture

hand mixed


long fermented

A CSB is a community supported bakery. Being a small cottage bakery and making all the loaves by hand creates a sense of love and community around real bread - an integral part of meals.

Naturally leavened bread is an old world craft and has been nourishing and connecting people for thousands of years. This bread tastes better and is more digestible. We want you to know where your food comes from and who makes it, so we can raise appreciation for quality foods and the artisans that make it a possibility, from the farmer to the miller to the baker. Better grains, better bread and stronger communities.

Below is the menu for our Tuesday bake. You can send in an order from the bottom of the page and pay with cash on pick up or pay online.

Bread shares are still available and there are three option: Country White / Whole Wheat / Bakers Rotation (if you have a preference for the bakers rotation please send in your preference via email / text (4796445287 & include name)

Shares run for six weeks. You can skip a week at any time by emailing me at

Pricing information and pick up delivery options are below

Pick up & Delivery Options

all breads are baked early tuesday morning and delivered in the morning/early afternoon

Cottage Bakery / 6020 S J St Tacoma 98408

Pick up at your convenience 1-6pm

Kalectic / *not available for pick up at this time

**more pick up locations to come

Expand Yoga / 6th Ave & Proctor

Drop off at 11am / Pick up 11-11:30 / 3:30-4

5-5:30 / 6:30-7 / 8-9pm

Home Delivery (+$3) /

*delivery only for tacoma area

Breads you may see on rotation:

Sprouted purple barley // sesame // country rye // wildflower seed // cinnamon raisin // potato rosemary garlic // garden herb // sunflower & flax // oat porridge // rosemary // golden raisin coriander // sprouted rye // sprouted quinoa // walnut // baguette // olive


6 Week Subscription - Country Wheat OR Whole Grain

Chose from Country Wheat (a classic sourdough white loaf) or Whole Wheat. Each tuesday for 6 WEEKS you will receive a loaf of fresh bread. If you need to skip a week, just send me an email!


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Bakers Rotation 6 Week Subscription

At the bakers choice, you will receive a loaf of bread each Tuesday for 6 WEEKS. You can skip a week at any time, just please send me an email. If you check the menu posting each Thursday and want to choose one of the bread options I am making, send me a message by Sunday.


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