welcome! my name is ashley and i run a sourdough bakery out of my home, through the cottage industry.


i grew up with a love of baking with nutritious and wholesome ingredients. while on a trip to france with my husband, we had bread from one of the oldest sourdough bakeries and instantly i knew i needed to learn to make this bread for me, my family and friends. from an ever growing interest of making wholesome foods and the love of community and supporting local farmers, a desire to make a bread that is nutritious, flavorful and easily digestible emerged.

here we make authentic and nutritious breads and pastries. we offer handcrafted artisan sourdough breads, pastries and other custom ordered baked goods. our baked goods are available at the Proctor Farmers Market and through our weekly subscription/online order.

the breads and pastries are made in small batches for optimal quality with freshly ground flours, sourdough culture, mineral salt and a lots of baker love. thanks so much for supporting our vision of better breads for everyone!

XO - Ashley