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what is sourdough bread?

naturally leavened bread is the traditional (old world) way of baking bread; flour water salt and a microbial culture. the culture (starter) is important as the leavening (raising) agent for the bread without using commercial yeast. the sourdough culture is made of naturally occuring wild yeasts that catalyst the acetic breakdown of the wheat grain. for 36-48 hours, the dough ferments for maximum digestibility, flavor and texture.

why can i eat sourdough bread and not commercial bread?

the fermentation of the grain from the sourdough culture breaks down the outer coating of the grain so we can access the nutrients inside. commercial breads, risen with active dry yeast, are fast acting and offer no acetic breakdown of the grain. the living culture creates a bread with a diverse microbial community, promoting healing and authentic nutrition.

how can i buy bread?

a few ways! one way is with a subscription . i offer a monthly subscription of artisan bread; you will receive a loaf every week or every other week. choose to pay for one month or three. pickup location and times available on the subsription page. never worry about missing out on a beautiful loaf of bread for you table!

another way is to order off the menu for a specific day. the menu has all artisan sourdough breads and a selection of wholesome sweet breads & treats that i offer.

what is brown paper baking co?

brown paper baking co is a one woman micro bakery in Tacoma WA operating under the Cottage Food Industry. authentic sourdough breads and using sourdough in other baked goods for greater digestibility and flavor are the specialty.