Bread at the Proctor Farmers Market!

Reserve a loaf at the Saturday Proctor Market (follow on instagram @brownpaperbaking for market menu! - posted THUR/FRI)

Message me for reserve loaves and pick up at the market at your convenience in case we sell out before we see you! Thanks!

Also a reminder that orders for sweet treats Friday / Saturday will need a weeks notice (if possible!), especially if dietary restrictions are needed. 

I always want to make sure I can accommodate what you would like! It takes two full days to prep for the market, so early planning is always appreciated! 



Brown Paper Baking is a cottage micro bakery in Tacoma WA.

this micro bakery is a one woman operation ran by Ashley Peters. the cottage industry makes it available to make awesome breads and pastries out of my home, that I share with my husband. we love bread here and strive to make the most nutritious bread as possible. we offer handcrafted artisan sourdough breads, slow fermented and leavened naturally with a wild yeast culture. the breads are made in small batches for optimal quality and love. made with freshly ground flours, water, salt and a bit of baker magic.

pastries with organic whole grains and leavened with the culture are also available on the menu. through the fermentation of the culture, the breads and pastries are more friendly to the digestive system, for those with sensitivities to wheat, gluten, preservatives, pesticides, and commercial yeast.

Have questions or want to know how to buy bread?