cottage micro bakery in Tacoma WA.

this micro bakery is a one woman operation ran by Ashley Peters. the cottage industry makes it possible for me to make authentic and nutritious breads and pastries out of my home, that I share with my husband. we love bread here and strive to make the most nutritious bread as possible. we offer handcrafted artisan sourdough breads, slow fermented and leavened naturally with a wild yeast culture. 

pastries with organic whole grains and leavened with the culture are also available at the Proctor Farmers Market on Saturdays. through the fermentation of the culture, the breads and pastries are more friendly to the digestive system, for those with sensitivities to wheat, gluten, preservatives, pesticides, and commercial yeast.

the breads and pastries are made in small batches for optimal quality. made with freshly ground flours, sourdough culture, mineral salt and a lots of baker love. 

you can order bread through the online portal for tuesday pickup (expand yoga on 6th ave & home bakery) or delivery. you can order a single loaf or sign up for our bread shares, they run 6 weeks long and if you need to skip a week just let me know. breads picked up from expand need to be picked up within 24hrs or the loaf will go to someone in need of food. 

thanks so much for supporting our vision of better breads for everyone!





fresh breads and pastry! we are so grateful to be a part of the proctor market every saturday; the location is on proctor & 27th st. 9am - 2 pm

come visit us early! we tend to sell out before noon on breads & pastries tend to be gone by 10am. 

if you happen to miss us at the market, sign up for a tuesday delivery or pickup on bread! see the menu here 


Want a custom order?

if you have a custom order you would like to place, including orders with dietary restrictions, send me an email with your thoughts and I will get back to you as soon as possible. thanks! - Ashley